Fukui Prefecture

1024px-Map_of_Japan_with_highlight_on_18_Fukui_prefecture.svgFukui is a prefecture in Japan nobody has heard of and nobody can pronounce first time (try fu-ku-ee). It’s famous for dinosaurs, delicious crabs and daffodils.  So you can see why it’s not so famous… But it is part of the Hokuriku region of Japan which, according to the Lonely Planet, it is one of the top places to visit in 2014. So more visitors will be passing through Fukui soon, especially when the bullet train line opens in 2015.


This is the Japan where there are more old people than young. Where people live in old houses and have traditional gardens. And where there are more rice fields than buildings. It has mountainsa dramatic coastlinecastles, a dinosaur museum and the most famous Zen Buddhist training temple in Japan. It’s a world away from the fluorescent-hum of maid cafes and shopping malls of Tokyo or Osaka, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Sleeping fishing ports where you can eat Echizen crab, said to be the best in Japan

500 year old samurai settlements – at Ichijo-dani Asakura Clan Settlement

Eiheji Zen Buddhism training temple where you can try meditation

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