Four days to go!

It’s a strange thought that this time next week we’ll be eating sushi in central Tokyo with my friend and ex-student Sayuri! The adventure is finally here! After a year of talking about the possibilities, the maybes and the what-if’s of moving to Japan, it is actually happening!

My bags are packed. With the help of vacuum sealed bags I’ve been able to fit in the better half of my wardrobe! I’m equipped with cool clothes, warm clothes, clothes for snow, clothes for rain, business attire as well as at least 10 pairs of shoes! I’ve got just enough space to fit a years worth of deodorant in (as the Japanese do not wear our type of anti-perspirant) and plenty of tacky and not so tacky omiyage (gifts to sweeten up my fellow colleagues and future friends).

After a month of rain, summer has arrived in full swing with 30’C days and clear skies. So my acclimatisation process has begun. A email threatened of above 35’C and 80% humidity in Tokyo on the day we arrive. This and the 9 hour time difference and landing in the largest metropolis in the world is going to prove an exciting and overwhelming day! However we’ll be staying in a 5* hotel for three nights so I have plenty of time to be cocooned in air-con before making our way to the even hotter Fukui prefecture.

It’s going to be an exciting first week!